Comfy Challenge

SAS new long-haul cabin was launched in May, including new chairs in SAS Business. To test the new seats that can be folded flat to bed rest, SAS arranged a competition in falling asleep as quickly as possible during rush hours in the departure area of ​​Oslo Airport. For many travelers flying long distance, it is important to get good sleep and be rested on arrival. During the development of SAS new long-haul cabin was just a good sleep experience one of the main wishes of frequent travelers. The Sleep Competition in the new chair was conducted using electrodes recorded brain frequency of participants and was closely monitored by a sleep researcher who could see the different phases of sleep the participants went through.

B-Reel & Los&Co

Art Director & Designer


Each of the occasional traveler who participated in the competition, were given a sleeping set with a blanket, sleep mask and earplugs and had 15 minutes to fall asleep. The winner did it in just six minutes and three seconds in the middle of the mess with other travelers who passed in the departure area, and rewarded now with a trip for two to New York in SAS new long-haul cabin.